The Process

Winexpert Toronto Beach Winery is primarily an On-Premise Winery.  This mean that more than 90 per cent of our customers do not make wine at home!  They make wine at our place – Chez Nous.  It is very easy to make wine at home though, and it offers a rewarding experience for those who have the time, space, and desire.  The process is the same whether you make it at home or with us at Beach Winery.

  • Choose a style of wine you like. Unsure? We can assist you with finding a wine that is suited to your taste.
  • Mix the ingredients and sprinkle the yeast. (The law says you have to!)
  • Make an appointment to bottle your wine.
  • Bottle your wine and dress it up with our labels and shrinks.
  • Let your wine age.
  • Uncork a bottle, put up your feet, and indulge.

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