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LE19, wine, red, couple happyThe Beaches Winery is the ultimate winemaking experience where our friendly staff will guide you through the process. Our experienced vintners will advise you on your selection from over 120 different varieties of juices from the finest vineyards around the world.

We will take care of the entire fermentation process. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your wine is ready to drink after it is bottled but can only improve with age. Our reasonable prices include all taxes, corks, labels, and shrink wraps.


Wine Expert – A fantastic place to make your own wine.  Richard and David are so helpful and walk you through everything, great variety of whites, reds and other types.
You should give them a try.

Regards, Neil and Debbie.


Hi Dave,

I just wanted to send a note to thank your for the invitation to the Wine Experts wine tasting on January 19th. The presenter was extremely informative with a vast knowledge on all aspects of wines, as well as appropriate and recommended food pairings for each specific wines. We came away excited to start planning dinner parties and matching up wines (made at Wine Experts, of course) with the planned menu. I’m hoping to be invited to future wine tastings as I’m still trying to determine which wine goes best with breakfast.

On a personal note, over the past 11 years of making wine at the Beaches Wine Experts (formerly WineNot), Leslie & I have thoroughly enjoyed working with yourself and Richard. Your friendly demeanors and great senses of humour always makes our wining making sessions an enjoyable and fun experience. We look forward to many more years and batches of making wine at the Beaches Wine Experts. Thanks very much.



Dear Dave,

Randy and I are delighted that you have taken over ownership of our favourite wine making facility! Since we began making wine at the Queen Street location in 2001 with friends Tim and Les, it has become an enjoyable night out with friends and the bonus of having great inexpensive wine on hand.

We have been very pleased with the product and with the service. your and Richard make the experience a very pleasant one. your service is always top notch, from excellent product to your providing us with bottles at the last minute. The wine tasting that you held in January was terrific and taught us a lot about wine and not just how to drink it. We enjoyed a bottle of Amarone last weekend, one that had been bottled in 2008 and it was superb! We wish you much success. Keep up the good work!

Best regards, Gail and Randy Stewart