The Beach Winery has been in continuous operation since 1995 at 2208 Queen Street East.

Originally a Wine Not franchise, the store has grown through two previous owners into its present day Winexpert Beach Winery under the management and ownership of David and Cathy Toye. Dave had worked for ten years with the original owner and after a hiatus of four years came back to purchase the store and continue the personable service that Wine Not customers were used to.

Dave works with long-time employee and man-about-Beaches Richard Kelly. Richard has seven years of wine making experience. Together they help our customers perfect their creations.

Beach Winery is proud to bring to its over 4,000 satisfied customers the quality product produced by Winexperts. Winexperts is a division of Global Vintners which in turn is part of the Peller Estates Group. Their experts search the world for the best vineyards to buy the grapes from to produce the juices to ferment. They also test and produce the best yeasts and formulas for each type of grape chosen.


No experience necessary!