Be in the know and Enjoy Wine More

Be in the Know and Enjoy Wine More


“Wine is subjective; don’t be intimidated into thinking any other way. Figure out your own preference.”

Wine musings

  • Alcohol is absorbed faster when warm, so high alcohol wines like Zinfandel should be served slightly below room temperature.
  • When you aren’t sure what to order at a restaurant, order an Italian white like a Pinot Grigio, an unoaked Chardonnay, or New World Sauvignon. All three work well with many dishes.
  • Wine in the refrigerator  will cool about four degrees F every 10 minutes. Conversely, wine will warm up at about the same rate when left at room temperature. Don’t over refrigerate your wine, the vibration of the refrigerator’s motor disturbs the molecules and can affect the taste of the wine. Same day cooling and warming is suggested.
  • Serve wine in large glasses, it is sexier, more fun and looks so yummy compared to thick lipped, bar sized wine glasses.
  • Serve most sweet and fortified wines, “colder than cold” to bring out the wine’s acidity which balances the sugars.
  • More expensive wines are not necessarily the best tasting wines.
  • Over 90% of all wines should be consumed within one year. Most whites are meant to be drunk within 3 years of their release.
  • Wine with relatively high sugar concentration or viscosity, has more “body.”
  • A crop of newly planted grape vines takes four to five years to grow before it can be harvested.
  • Don’t have wine shipped to you in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter as extreme temperatures are damaging to wine.
  • Red wines get paler as they age, or browner whereas white wines become deeper and more golden.
  • To remove the gunk, or sediment from a wine bottle, decant the bottle, leaving the residue in the empty bottle.
  • If you are laying a bottle down for a period of time, keep the movement of the bottle to a minimum.
  • The best way to remove red or white wine stains from fabric or carpet is with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and Dawn liquid soap. ‘Wine Out’ also works pretty well with a soaking of Oxy-clean if need be.



Colleen Clarke

Wine Expert

November, 2013